Welcome to Swing & Whittle

Woodenware made by hand using traditional tools and methods. Humbly made in Linglestown, Pennsylvania, USA 🇺🇸

In my workshop

Hi there! My name is Aaron Aiken and I look forward to making something for you!

Most Used Tools:

  • Axe
  • Knife


  • Trees

My workshop is cold in the winter, warm in the summer, and perfect in the spring and fall. I use electricity for my two lights, not for my tools or climate.

The art of the craft

Everything I make is a 1-of-1, meaning that how each item looks will vary. Vary by the piece of wood I’m working with. My mood. The weather. Inspiration. The way the axe and knife interact with the wood. Etc.

That being said, when you order, say, a coffee scoop, a coffee scoop is what you will receive. What it will look like is hard to say. I won’t know that until I finish making it. Same goes for just about everything (excluding the wooden toys, those are pretty straight forward). In this way, what you are ordering and receiving can possibly fall into the category of craft or art, as well as very functional tool for what you need it to do…which may be something as simple as giving you that extra bit of joy as you use it, or even when you look at it.

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Some thoughts on perfection

Perfection is over rated. Boring. Predictable. Anyone can do it these days. You can buy perfection from a store or make it with a machine.

Imperfection, on the other hand, offers texture, character, charm, personality, uniqueness.

I choose to celebrate imperfection. I hope you’ll join me.

Sustainable and Traceable

All material (trees) are from Pennsylvania, typically within a 2 hour drive from Harrisburg…in most cases I am able to source wood within my town, only having to drive a few miles or so to pick up. The wood I enjoy using most is wood that otherwise was destined for the chipper.

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