All items below are made-to-order. I will let you know when you can expect to receive your item. All items are made by hand and start either as a fresh-cut limb/branch or as dimensioned lumber from a sawmill. Part of your order is a page at specific to showing you behind the scenes of making your item(s) (example).

As an aside, the website is focused on showing you (and anyone you share the page with) the process, not trying to sell you anything. The site is dead simple and does not link back to this site. Your referral is what I count on the most. Anyways…

The list of items below will change (mostly adding items I enjoy making), so make sure you are subscribed to ordering/product updates by clicking/tapping here.


  • Train
  • Bank Truck
  • Destroyer Ship
  • Cargo Ships (set of 3)
  • Tanker Truck
  • Fox
  • Ball


  • Connect the beads


  • Serving spoon
  • Coffee scoop
  • Bowl


  • Paper organizer
  • Pencils (set of 3)


  • Tool tote
  • Mallet
  • Gardening tools


  • Log bird feeder

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